London Marathon - Jamie Gibson

Jamie ran the London Marathon on Sunday and finished in 4hr 54minutes. Raising money for MND. Congratulations Jamie!

London Marathon - Andrew Bradley


Hello, my name is Andrew Bradley, some of you may have seen me before as I am the supervisor at the restaurant on D floor at QMC.
In the next three months I will be taking part in two sporting events. On the 13th April I will be running the Virgin London Marathon, it’s an awesome 26.2 miles of blood, sweat & tears. Then on the 1st June I will be taking part in the Nottingham Half Outlaw which involves a 1.2 mile swim in open water a 56 mile bike ride followed by a half marathon around Nottingham. I’m going to be running both events for the MND Association. My running friend Becky saw her father become very ill in a short space of time & eventually lost his life 8 years later to MND. Becky believes that MND deserves more media coverage & she feels people don’t know enough about this condition. With this in mind I want to raise awareness & much needed cash. I’m aiming for £1000 we already have £100 so we have made a start. The training is going well, last week I ran the Ashby 20 mile race in Leicestershire; it was a beautiful but red hot day. The first 14 miles were fine after which I slowed down. My aim is to beat my previous personal best (4 hrs. 47 mins), which I achieved in London in 2012. Money is tight & I realise people are finding it difficult to raise money for a very worthwhile charity but I believe with the right support & attitude it can be done. If you are able to sponsor me please visit:
Thank you for taking the time to read my article & I’m sure a lot of you will be able to relate on a personal level with Becky’s story. May I just add that on the 18th of September 2011 me & Becky went to Newcastle & ran the Great North Run where I got dressed as a fairy for MND; that was a day to remember, I’ve included a picture for you all to look at.

Andrew x