My Theory Of Everything M.N.D. by Paul Wilkinson

These are my thoughts on Motor Neurone Disease, that's MND to you and me, there is no cure and the cause is unknown, but i have a theory i worked out on my own.

In the middle of the night an alien spaceship appears within sight, it hovers for a while then it beams me up from my bed and into the spaceship which is coloured red.

Aboard the spaceship Uranus bound, the little green aliens don't make a sound, they have some breakfast and a cuppa too whilst they look me over and decide what to do.

Lying face up on a bed of slate, they induce me into a hypnotic like state, then one by one they prod and poke, i start to cough and begin to choke.

A pipe placed here and a tube put there, and the little green aliens are climbing into my ear, they open my mouth and inspect my teeth, i start to gasp and struggle to breath.

The little green aliens have no respect or care as they remove my pyjamas and leave me totaly bare, they have a good laugh then put me in a bath of alien bleach, i begin to mumble and lose my speech.

Regarding my mobility the aliens are to blame,they mixed up the neurones that connect to my brain, now i can hardly walk and get cramps in my arms that gives me some pain.

On the return from Uranus to earth, the little green aliens have their supper and another cuppa, they hover for a while then beam me down back into my bed, from their spaceship coloured red.

Scientist do tests on mice and rats, but my theory of MND lies with these little green brats, Little green aliens abduct us for sure, doing their tests and so much more, I'm absolutely certain they cause MND, do you have a theory or do you agree?