My Thoughts (A poem by Stephen Bluff) Oct 2016

My mirror sees me every day, it watches how I change, it watches facial features, which to me remain the same.

If my mirror could save images and record what it had seen, I could then evaluate the changes there have been.

It is my body movements that give the game away, strength declining gradually, as muscles fade away.

I sometimes feel emotions which tend to get me down, they make me disillusioned, and at times they make me frown.

Sometimes I’m grumpy, abrupt and somewhat rude. Frustration changing character by fluctuating mood.

MND picks anyone, and it has chosen me, how long I will endure it, only time itself will see.

I don't know when or why my symptoms did first start. I know it started gradually and breaks the toughest heart.

I keep on being positive, no matter how I feel, negativity is common but that does not help, or heal.

This is an Illness where nature guides the course, changing the lives of everyone from how it was before!